Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chalk. In the beginning...

One year for Christmas my parents gave us chalk. Yep chalk and a chalk holder, they even threw in some colored chalk. Now I don't remember any of us having chalkboards and it wasn't sidewalk chalk so I thought to myself, "what am I going to do with this" and then I headed off to my room. While everyone else was taking their Christmas day nap I got to work.

This was a big turning point. It took me from doodling to murals. First I tested a small area with the white chalk to make sure it would come off the wall and to ensure that my father wouldn't kill me. When it did I started by drawing a character I had sketched before. I liked it and I kept going until all of my walls were covered with chalk drawings. It had been a few hours and my mom came in to check on me. I showed her what I'd done she liked it and got my dad to come and look. His first comment as predicted was, "Does it come off ?" When I showed him and he was satisfied with the results it was a green light in my head and I spent the rest of the day turning everything from white to color.

By the end of the day my room was a masterpiece and again my dad asked "Does it come off ?" Unfortunately a few years later, when I was long gone, my parents tried to wash it off the walls because they were moving but it didn't come off. They had to paint over it. Who knew? Can a young budding artist really be blamed for such a crime? If anything it could have upped the resale value of their home.


  1. aw man! this story is like that "in the beginning" story from the Bible, but for you instead of earth, it was chalk. your creation was just as beautiful i'm sure, wish i could have witnessed it

  2. I'd love to see a picture of the mural! Can't wait to see more posts. Love the chalk picture on your blog!

  3. We didn't paint over the walls the first renters did. Mom

  4. Well now i finally saw your blog i didn't know existed! love it, wendy. it is so you.