Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Painting A Day

Lately I've been thinking about doing a painting a day. Cara introduced me to a few weeks ago and i've been checking it out ever since. In 2006 one of my college roommates knew a guy named Justin that did a painting a day and was published in the New York Times. I really liked looking at all his little paintings, still do. This is him - . This is the New York Times article . It also has some other artists doing the same thing. Here's one more lady that I found and like .

So the big question are:

Would my attention span be long enough to keep this up?
How long would I do a painting a day?
Could I make that kind of commitment?
Has this already become too popular?
Would I forget I was doing this on occasion?
Would I be able to keep coming up with the necessary supplies?
Does it always have to be a painting, could it be a drawing sometimes?
What if I lost touch with the internet for a day here or there, would my adoring fans riot?

Ok so I'm not actually worried about that last one, well the rioting fans part. So I guess I'll think about it and we'll see what happens.


  1. Sounds fun. It's a big commitment but if it's something you enjoy and you'd have fun with then go for it. Plus if you ever make millions from your rioting fans, I can remind you that I told you about newdressaday to inspire it all.

  2. Sounds fun and like a lot of work :) How about plans A and B. On an A week, a painting a day. If it looks like a B week, it's one painting for the week. Sometimes the calendar may look like a C week which means...

  3. I think drawings should count too, you should continue for at least one month, and set aside a particular time (or try to) because it will be easier to remember/get it done that way.