Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Melissa, more than words.

Melissa Lloyd uses more than just words to communicate. Like many artists Melissa communicates through her artwork. One thing I love about Melissa is her passion for art and her ease at portraying her thoughts to others through art.

Melissa's love for art started at a young age. She loved finger painting in the first grade. Art classes always came easy for her. She always understood her art teachers and hated other subjects like Math and English.

Melissa loves painting and sculpting. She looks for the medium that speaks best for the subject she is ready to portray. She says sometimes it's easier to paint and other time to sculpt. Melissa started sculpting with wire in 2006. She started by using old wire coat hangers. Her first two were a foot and a human skeleton. What drew her to wire sculpting was re-using, being resourceful, making, creating and reproducing. She enjoys working and thinking at the same time.

She enjoys sculpting trees because they have a lot of personal relevance. The grounding of life, root system growth, strong, a support to others, and enrichment to life. As far as plans for the future she hopes to go far with wire and make it more than a hobby. She stated, "painting is a therapeutic journey for myself. It brings me comfort and helps resolve things. I hope to one day share that with people." Melissa is also drawn to industrial design. She'd like to bridge the gap between art and functionality. When asked what she would like to say to her fans she said, "I have fans?" and then went on to say, "follow your creative ideas and see where they take you. It's not as highly recognized as the academic world but it has a lot of personal development qualities."


  1. Wow...what an honor to be given your/my tree. I will cherish it ALWAYS. It will remind me that there is beauty in the kinks of my branches as they reach ever upward to my God and out to His children. I love that a tree has to search every nook and cranny for the sustenance it needs and that in dry years or bad soil it's roots grow stronger. I love how each season brings out different colors from the tree's heart and therefore I don't need to fear the "baren" stretches in my own life. I can enjoy the sharpness of the frost, knowing that "this too shall pass". I learn to treasure the flowers of Spring and the pallette of Fall because these too shall pass. From the trees I learn my hope need not wane. I also learn changes tend to become cyclical in life so I need not fear; there is a sameness to all the change that used to frighten me. While it is true that "this too shall pass" it is also true that another season, later in my life, will bring something very similar again...both good and bad. That's the way it's supposed to be.

    Did I say I LOVE my tree? It will always bring fond memories of you and your reach to your Father and Savior. Keep growing! Faith is the very power of heaven. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!