Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Melissa Speaks Out

Melissa has decided to share her feelings of childhood trauma and how the atonement has been applied in her life through this series of paintings and poem that she wrote.

The pain I feel is with inside
It pulls me and slows me down to shame again
Oh how I wish to purge this out
And rid myself of this trap

I can’t believe he still calls me to Come Unto Him
I have such a heavy burden and struggle that I hold and carry deep within
Does he know and understand that he’s the only one
That extends his hands with love and care

Can I trust? Do I trust his love?
That he will catch me once again

Oh how I have tried and tried to offer a broken heart
To a man who caught me with his hands of care
I feel his hands and his heart can I trust that the healing will start
I give my will with my heart to my Father I shall not depart

I lay at His feet my fears, defeats and doubts
And trust to take his hand to the promised land

Oh what joy there is to have in a Brother that will lend his hand
Whom divinely sent to do His Father’s will
To succor the heart of men To Follow Him

Where pain and struggle had once resigned
Is now flushed and washed aside
With the love and peace that is offered only by He

He the Father, He the Son, He the Holy Ghost whom guide my life once again

With this I devote to return to my Father’s presence again
To open my heart and trust again
To serve and love as He has done for me
To pass this on to all that need
By stretching out with our reach and share the love the Lord has to preach

Atonement and Devotion
by Melissa Lloyd

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  1. Melissa! I LOVE the symbolism of the paintings. You're incredible.